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First impressions count! Let our qualified interior designer add style and elegance to your home. Property styling by Highrange Property Centre in Sydney
Property Styling and Design, Highrange Property Sydney
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Property Styling and Interior Design

Professionally styled properties stand out in the housing market. They attract more viewers, get higher bids and sell faster. Small changes may be all that’s needed to greatly improve a property’s presentation. But owners are so familiar with their home they often can’t see what’s needed.
An Eye for Detail

Interior Design Services

Not every real estate agent has a knack for interior design. But we do!

Highrange Property Centre’s Founder/Director Chris Kounnas is a fully qualified interior designer. She has helped countless vendors improve the styling and presentation of their property to maximize the sale price.

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Property Styling

For Vendors

First impressions count. Whether it’s your campaign photos, or a viewer walking in the door, your property needs to make an immediate positive impression. The design, the furniture, the colours, the light, the energy flow, even the smells, they all play an integral part in making that impression.

We take all of this and more into account when viewing a home. We know the market and understand what different target audiences are looking for in a home. We advise you on strategic changes to make so that your home becomes more inviting, leaving viewers with the feeling this is a home they would love to live in.

Property Styling Consults

For Real Estate Agents

Because of our proven talent for suggesting strategic improvements to properties – resulting in quicker, better sales – we are regularly roped in for property styling consults by other real estate agents.

We’ll happily continue to offer this service to our esteemed colleagues at other agencies to help them achieve a better result for their clients.

Interior Design

For Home Owners

Book an interior design consult with our qualified interior designer. You’ll get practical tips and advice on how to make the most of any space in your home.

Contact Us

Renovating? Not sure if you’ll sell? New Home Design?


If you’re thinking of renovating or remodelling your home, but aren’t sure about the best layout or design, get in touch. We can also help decide on suitable colour schemes and furnishings to bring out the best in your home.

Best layout for new home?

We also help people finalise the layout of their new home. If you’ve had an architect draw plans for a new build and could use some professional advice on the layout, let us know. It’s better to have a second pair of eyes on this and ensure you’re getting a layout that suits your family’s needs before you start to build.

Sell or renovate?

Or maybe you can’t decide whether to sell or renovate. Let us help. We’ll come and go through the options with you and make things clearer for you and your family. Together, we’ll look at how you can maximize the space you have and make it easier to decide whether to move or stay put.

Property styling packages

You can choose from a range of flexible home styling packages, starting with our 1-hour consulting session. This helps you minimize clutter, introduce colour and rearrange furniture to create better energy flow. You’ll get invaluable tips on how to give your property a better feel.

If you’re selling, we’ll also show you how to remove your personal identity from the property for it to appeal to prospective buyers. Homes with a more neutral look make it much easier for buyers to picture themselves living there.

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